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Midwest tops for volunteers — but don’t boast, Chicago

Midwesterners are more likely to volunteer their time than are people elsewhere in the United States, according to a study released today.

The highest rates among the biggest 50 metro areas were in Minneapolis-St. Paul, where more than four in 10 adults volunteered.

Chicago, however, was not a standout in the Midwest, ranking 32nd.

[via Chicago Sun-Times]

Extra Sets Of ‘Eyes’ Aid Police

Rolling Meadows currently has one camera installed outside the Rolling Meadows Public Library and another inside the Police Neighborhood Resource Center to enhance security.

Another camera is expected to be installed inside the library very shortly.

These cameras, worth $11,000, are very similar to the blue-light cameras in Chicago, according to Police Chief Steven Williams. Instead of the light being blue though, it is red.

$11,000 may seem like a lot for a camera but it’s cheap compared to the salary of a police officer.
[via Des Plaines Journal]

Sprint bets billions on ‘Wi-Fi on steroids’

Sprint plans WiMax test launches in December in Chicago, Washington and Baltimore, followed by commercial availability in those markets in April.

“If you really want to know how this all comes down in the next few years in terms of Wi-Fi and WiMax, Chicago is the city to watch,” said Greg Richardson, founder of Civitium LLC, an Atlanta area firm that consults with cities on municipal Wi-Fi projects.

[via Atlanta Journal Constitution]

Four held in fatal shooting of Chicago man

Cook County authorities are holding two suburban residents and two Chicagoans this weekend in the death of a Chicago man who was shot 18 times in the parking lot of an apartment complex in suburban Lansing.

[via WAND]


MIAMI — Statements given to the FBI by six of the seven men accused of plotting to destroy Chicago’s Sears Tower and other buildings indicate that some did not believe the talk of joining up with al-Qaeda and that others were motivated by money, rather than by Islamic radicalism.

Some were clearly bewildered by what had happened to them. One even asked the FBI agents interrogating him whether he could have some of the marijuana he had been carrying…

Again, it’s to stupid criminals that get caught. Meanwhile the smart criminals continue to plot.
[via Washington Post]

Letter: Don’t forget about 2nd Amendment freedoms

Why is it that most deaths are caused in gun-free zones, such as schools, banks, hospitals, etc.? Why is it the highest crime rates and murders are in Chicago, Washington, D.C., New York City and other major cities that have the strictest gun control policies?

There’s a reason tough gun laws are enacted in cities with high amounts of violent crime and if the absence of gun laws was supposed to lead to a lack of violence then that’s will we should see in many parts of Africa with absolutely no gun control.
[via St. Cloud Times]

Bank Robber Captured After Using Taxi For Getaway

The suspect was given about $7,000 and fled the building to a waiting Checker Cab, the release said.

By bike, by bus, by taxi. It’s stupid criminals who get caught.
[via CBS2 Chicago]

Obama promises to make New Orleans a priority

“There was a disaster in New Orleans before the hurricane hit: problems of poverty, substandard schools, a health care system that was creaky, joblessness, crime,” Obama said. “Those are chronic issues that we should not have to wait for a hurricane or a natural disaster to start addressing.”

Now that crime has returned to the city in force, Obama said, government should focus on rebuilding the police force and the district attorney’s office while tackling the causes of the violence.

“Like every city in America, New Orleans will continue to experience violent crime if we are not investing in approaches like early childhood education, improving the public schools, providing job opportunities to young men, in particular, and dealing with the ex-offender problem,” Obama said. “We need more police and better policing, but police can only do so much if a community is in chaos.”

Not only did Hurricane Katrina generate goodwill, he said, but it also provoked a collective sense of shame in the images of poverty and helplessness splayed across the news when storm victims were stranded in rancid water with no food or supplies.

That shame was reminiscent of what Americans felt 40 years ago when law enforcement officers beat and gassed civil rights marchers across the South, he said at the Superdome on Thursday night.

Sound familiar? We have plenty of joblessness, crime, substandard schools, poverty and all those things right here in Chicago just like in many of America’s cities. The only thing were missing is a natural disaster to point attention to it. I’m not saying that Obama has turned his back on Chicago but I hope that any package for assisting New Orleans doesn’t leave behind the chronically poor minorities all over this country. Because the only difference is that, while many Americans haven’t yet turned their backs on New Orleans, it is obvious they have turned their backs on the poor in Chicago, or LA, or even our nation’s capital.
[via Times Picayune]

3 Arrested In Dog-Fighting Raid

Police arrested three people, rescued eight pit bulls and shot dead a ninth in a raid Thursday on a Far South Side home where fighting dogs were allegedly being bred and trained.

The 7:30 a.m. raid on a home in the South Side’s West Pullman community came after a monthlong investigation, police said.

Dog-fighting has followed gang activity into the south suburbs in recent years and owners in previous cases have been caught traveling more than 50 miles with their dogs to compete in high-stakes fights.

Police officer Tom Barker — part of the team that raided the house in the 12000 block of South Lafayette Avenue — said investigators did not know where the four adult dogs and four puppies seized had been fighting.

You see these dogs on that animal cops show all the time. It’s not good and saving the dogs is only part of the solution which needs to include more busts of the fights themselves and doing things to deter the whole market although “it’s incredibly hard to find where they’ve been fighting because they move the sites so often.”
[via WBBM780]

Springfield budget talks yield no progress

Blagojevich and Senate President Emil Jones (D-Chicago) have proposed a budget that includes a mix of new casinos and higher business taxes to generate $5 billion for health care and education.

Madigan (D-Chicago) prefers to increase spending by about $1 billion through a mix of natural revenue growth and higher business taxes.

There is a time for using casinos but it’s like a secret weapon that you don’t want to keep pulling out and using all the time. But it seems like everyone is agreed on higher business taxes.
[via Chicago Sun-Times]

Rock, where is thy Sting?

The denizens of Wrigleyville, accustomed to bars and baseball, are choosy when it comes to rock shows, unwilling to let a band with overly raucous followers invade their friendly confines.

So when The Police’s reunion concert arrived Thursday night at Wrigley Field, there was excitement but not mania, a comfortable buzz but a distinct lack of edginess.

“This crowd is a little more calm than the baseball fans. It’s not as drunk and it’s not as rowdy. I feel like it’s more suburban too.”

That doesn’t sound very rock. Wrigley Field doesn’t let many bands play there but their selection seems somewhat conservative. Then again you don’t go to Wrigleyville for the edginess. You go there to pee in someone’s yard.
[via Chicago Tribune]

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