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There are supposed to be dots over the U’s like umlauts in this German superlative that has found its way into popular internet culture. Uber in this case would mean a better burger. This small, cute burger restaurant in downtown Evanston is trying to do just that and you can order your burger in three different sizes of uberness. The burgers here, from the patties to the buns, tastes a lot like what you might find at the Mosburger hamburger chain in Japan. But don’t mistake Uberburger for a chain because it’s not related to the Uberburger restaurant in Singapore.

Uberburger may be a gourmet burger eatery (Singapore’s first!), but more than that, it’s also a playground for the young at heart with deep pockets. Dine on black vinyl booth seats among artistic and banker types while watching music videos on the flat-screen TVs. A see-through kitchen also offers a view of meat patties on the grill and buns being baked. Loh Lik Peng of the stylish New Majestic Hotel and Hotel 1929 is one of the restaurant’s owners while Michelin-star German Ralf Spika holds court as executive chef.

Well, it may have been Singapore’s first and last gourmet burger restaurant. It has since closed and he can no longer paid these prices for a quarter pounder with cheese:

The SGD 101 prime wagyu burger. In it is nothing less than the best: a pure 180g wagyu (gourmet Japanese beef with tender marbled fat) patty filled with foie gras and drizzled with truffle cream sauce.

That’s 101 Singaporean dollars. Not to mention you would even be allowed to buy such a thing in Chicago with the foie gras ban. Well, the food at Uberburger in Evanston is trying to compete more with Burger King, priced much more with a student’s wallet in mind.

If you go, get at least two patties and try the garlic aioli (I think they’re supposed to be dots over the ‘i’ on that word too) sauce on the side.

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« Real estate market plunges in the south of Chicago
» Young man shot and killed while riding bike around Humboldt Park